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Mule ESB

Course Overview

An enterprise service bus (ESB) architecture serves as a critical foundation layer for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).  Mule ESB is a software bundle which lets you quickly service enable assets or design enterprise grade integrations and run them anywhere – on-premises, in hybrid environments or in the cloud at a push of a button. For companies looking to modernize and unlock the value of existing on-premises systems and applications Mule ESB is the right choice. This course covers how to set up Mule software and use it in an enterprise environment.


Start DateTimeDaysDurationLocation
25/05/202010.00-17.00Mon to Wed3 ClassesBrentford
13/07/202010.00-17.00Mon to Wed3 ClassesBrentford
21/09/202010.00-17.00Mon to Wed3 ClassesBrentford
23/11/202010.00-17.00Mon to Wed3 ClassesBrentford


  • Java Programming
  • Using Internet
  • Object Orineted Concept

Target Audience

  • Programmers
  • Java Developer
  • Internet Developers
  • Development managers
  • Technical Consultant
  • e-Commerce Developer
  • Apps Users
  • Enterprise Architects

Course Content

Mule ESB

  • Introduced to the Mule ESB
  • Basic layout and configuration of a Mule application
  • The Mule Message and how data is represented in Mule
  • How to unit and functional test Mule applications using Junit and the Mule API
  • Routing patterns and options including basic filters
  • Basic unit testing on a Mule Application
  • Using routing patterns to call multiple endpoints using multicast
  • Message Properties and the 4 different scopes of properties
  • Expressions and how expressions are used to route, filter, and transform messages
  • Transport Architecture and the most common transport technologies: HTTP, JDBC, JMS, FTP, etc.
  • Routing based on Message Properties
  • The HTTP transport and calling your application from a browser
  • Using JDBC to get information from a database
  • Using JMS to create a synchronous information request
  • How to build a server and client for both REST and SOAP web services in Mule
  • Developing custom components in mule and getting access to the entire Mule Message in java POJOs
  • Using the Mule Management Console to control a server and application deployment
  • Building a SOAP web service and client
  • Building a REST web service and client
  • Building a Custom Transformer and Custom Component
  • Deploying the developed application to the Mule Management Console

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Duration 3 Classes
Price £1,290.00

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