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Online Selenium Test Automation with PHP/Behat and PHPUnit


Course Overview

Our Selenium Test Automation course covers all the essential skills of using the Selenium IDE, RC, WebDriver and Data Driven Testing. This course is very much suitable for beginners as well as manual testers who wants to have automation exposure, it takes the beginners through all the techniques of writing effective automated web tests using PHPUnit.

It is a fully hands-on training course which involves theory, practical examples and demonstration. Delegates will practice what they have learned in each chapter.

This course has been designed to support web automation testers to gain relevant skills in test automation. On completion of the course the candidates who wish to gain experience will be able to take part in live projects for a period of up to 2 months. Based on this experience the candidates can apply for relevant jobs and will be able to get a reference from our project co-coordinator.  Candidates will be given information about Testenium. (Note: Whoever enrols on this course gives permission to receive information about Testenium from Testenium Limited or from Dr Aras)


Start Date TimeDaysDurationLocation
27/04/202010.00 - 17.00Mon/Tue2 DaysBrentford
25/05/202010.00 - 17.00Mon/Tue2 DaysBrentford
29/06/202010.00 - 17.00Mon/Tue2 DaysBrentford
27/07/202010.00 - 17.00Mon/Tue2 DaysBrentford
31/08/202010.00 - 17.00Mon/Tue2 DaysBrentford
28/09/202010.00 - 17.00Mon/Tue2 DaysBrentford
26/10/202010.00 - 17.00Mon/Tue2 DaysBrentford
30/11/202010.00 - 17.00Mon/Tue2 DaysBrentford


  • Beginners
  • Basic HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Introduction to programming

Target Audience

  • Web Application Testers
  • Web Developer
  • Internet Developers
  • Portal Developer
  • Web Consultant
  • e-Commerce Developer
  • Application Developers

Course Content

Selenium Test Automation with PHP

  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium RC
  • Selenium GRID
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • How to use WebDriver
  • WebDriver drivers
  • Writing WebDriver scripts
  • WebDriver Backed Selenium
  • Backing WebDriver with Selenium
  • Hands on WebDriver Commands
  • Running Tests on Internet Explorer, Firefox & Google Chrome
  • Reporting & Verifying Results
  • Debugging Selenium Tests

  • Installing PHPUnit
  • PHP Archive (PHAR)
  • Composer
  • PEAR
  • Optional packages
  • Upgrading

  • Test Dependencies
  • Data Providers
  • Testing Exceptions
  • Testing PHP Errors
  • Testing Output
  • Assertions

  • Composing a Test Suite Using the Filesystem
  • Composing a Test Suite Using XML Configuration

  • Supported Vendors for Database Testing
  • Difficulties in Database Testing
  • The four stages of a database test
  • Configuration of a PHPUnit Database TestCase
  • Understanding DataSets and DataTables
  • Implementing your own DataSets/DataTables

  • Selenium Server
  • Installation
  • PHPUnit_Extensions_Selenium2TestCase
  • PHPUnit_Extensions_SeleniumTestCase

  • Downloading and Installing Composer
  • Installing PHPSpec
  • Creating Classes using PHPSpec
  • Creating Functions using PHPSpec
  • Implementing Functions
  • Installing Behat
  • Writing Feature Files
  • Executing Behat
  • Functional Testing in Behat
  • Testing APIs
  • Testing WebServices
  • Examples

  • Test Results (XML)
  • Test Results (TAP)
  • Test Results (JSON)
  • Code Coverage (XML)
  • Code Coverage (TEXT)

  • PHPUnit
  • Test Suites
  • Groups
  • Including and Excluding Files for Code Coverage
  • Logging
  • Test Listeners
  • Setting PHP INI settings, Constants and Global Variables
  • Configuring Browsers for Selenium RC

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1 review for Online Selenium Test Automation with PHP/Behat and PHPUnit

  1. Avatar
    5 out of 5


    My time spent at WCC was a rewarding and enjoyable one, made interesting and absorbing by lecturer Dr. Aras.

    The course material was taught in a practical, hands-on fashion with help given when needed from Dr. Aras. This teaching approach ensures that students are learning and understanding at the same time, sometimes missing from other courses.

    Upon completing the two day course I felt confident enough to continue practicing the course subject matter on my own.

    WCC has offered valuable support after completing the course, which is very welcome!

    Especially as my plan is to work on and complete a project set by the college to consolidate my knowledge.

    I certainly would recommend training from WCC to anyone seeking expert technical training.

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Duration 2 Days
Price £1,290.00 £490.00

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