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Online Android Appium Test Automation


Course Overview

Our Appium Test Automation course covers all the essential skills of using the Appium Server, Selenium WebDriver and Data Driven Testing. This course is very much suitable for beginners as well as manual testers who wants to have automation exposure, it takes the beginners through all the techniques of writing effective automated App testing using Java and Python. Our course will also teach you Data Driven Testing with Excel.

It is a fully hands-on training course which involves theory, practical examples and demonstration. Delegates will practice what they have learned in each chapter.

On completion of the course the candidates who wish to gain experience will be able to take part in live projects for a period of up to 2 months. Based on this experience the candidates can apply for relevant jobs and will be able to get a reference from our project co-coordinator.

Course Start Dates

Start Date TimeDaysDurationLocation
10/12/202010.00 - 17.00Thu/Fri2 Days Brentford
07/01/202110.00 - 17.00Thu/Fri2 Days Brentford
04/02/202110.00 - 17.00Thu/Fri2 Days Brentford
04/03/202110.00 - 17.00Thu/Fri2 DaysBrentford
08/04/202110.00 - 17.00Thu/Fri2 DaysBrentford
06/05/202110.00 - 17.00Thu/Fri2 DaysBrentford
03/06/202110.00 - 17.00Thu/Fri2 DaysBrentford
08/07/202110.00 - 17.00Thu/Fri2 DaysBrentford
05/08/202110.00 - 17.00Thu/Fri2 DaysBrentford
09/09/202110.00 - 17.00Thu/Fri2 DaysBrentford
07/10/202110.00 - 17.00Thu/Fri2 DaysBrentford
11/11/202110.00 - 17.00Thu/Fri2 DaysBrentford


  • Beginners
  • Basic HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Introduction to programming

Target Audience

  • Web Application Testers
  • Web Developer
  • Internet Developers
  • Portal Developer
  • Web Consultant
  • e-Commerce Developer
  • Application Developers

Course Content

Appium Test Automation

  • Simple Java classes
  • Java fields, constructors and methods
  • Model objects using Java classes
  • Package and import statements

  • About Appium
  • List of client libraries with Appium

  • Setting up Appium
  • Appium Platform Support
  • Appium on real Android devices
  • Running Appium on Windows
  • Android Setup
  • Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager
  • Running Appium Tests

  • Server flags
  • Appium server capabilities
  • Finding and interacting with elements
  • Automating mobile web apps
  • Running Tests
  • Automating mobile gestures
  • Appium Client Libraries
  • Adjusting Network Connection
  • uiautomator UiSelector
  • Multi-lingual Support

  • Setting up Android
  • Creating Virtual Devices
  • Using Android Studio
  • Creating Android Apps
  • Deploying Apps into real devices
  • Testing the Apps using Appium

  • What is Maven
  • Installing the Maven
  • Configuring the Maven
  • pom.xml file
  • Setting up the Maven project
  • Use of Maven project
  • Building the Maven project
  • Updating the jar files by using Maven
  • Updating the libraries by using Maven
  • Updating the selenium project dependencies by using Maven
  • Introduction to BDD (Behaviour Driven Development)
  • Creating BDD Project in maven
  • Writing Feature files
  • Adding classes to BDD project
  • Data Tables
  • Executing the BDD project
  • Data Driven Testing with Excel

  • Selenium Grid
  • Automating hybrid apps
  • Migrating your tests from Appium 0.18.x to Appium 1.x
  • Settings

  • An OS X GUI for Appium
  • Parameter Guide
  • Preference Guide
  • Inspector / Recorder
  • A Windows GUI for Appium

  • Installing python and libraries
  • Writting test script in Python
  • Testing apps

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Duration 2 Days
Price £1,990.00 £990.00

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