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Oracle Forms and Reports Developer Training Course

Oracle Forms and Reports Developer Training Course

Course Overview

Oracle Forms is a layer of software for creating user interface (screens) that interact with an Oracle database. It has an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) including an object navigator, code editor and property sheet that uses PL/SQL programming language. This course will teach you how to design the front-end design and coding for back-end processing. You will be using PL/SQL programming to create Program units to process data held in databases.

  • Database, Forms and Reports
  • Introduction to Oracle Database
  • Physical Database Design
  • Database Management
  • Tables, Views, Indexes, Synonyms, Grants, Roles
  • Installing Oracle Forms and Reports
  • Architecture and toolset
  • Testing forms and reports

Course Start Dates

Start DateTimeDaysDurationLocation
25/04/202012.30 - 18.30Sat8 ClassesBrentford
11/07/202012.30 - 18.30Sat8 ClassesBrentford
26/09/202012.30 - 18.30Sat8 ClassesBrentford
05/12/202012.30 - 18.30Sat8 ClassesBrentford

Target Audience

  • Database Developers
  • Application Programmers
  • SQL Developers
  • Database Users

Course Content

Oracle Forms and Reports Developer Training Course

  • Using Form Builder Client/Server
  • Defining a consistent interface
  • Implementing user interface items
  • Selecting names, colour and layout
  • Building well-designed menus
  • Using the Menu Editor
  • Creating magic menu items and Alerts
  • Multi form applications
  • Screen Formation
  • Object Navigator, Blocks, Canvas, Windows

  • Creating a Oracle Form
  • Oracle Form Designer
  • Elements of Form Designers, Menus and Libraries
  • Building single and master / Detail Forms
  • Using the Object Navigator
  • Defining data blocks using the Data Block Wizard
  • Using the Layout Editor
  • Working with interface items
  • Manipulating, arranging and formatting interface items

  • Data Types
  • Table Structure
  • Create Table
  • Insert Table
  • Select Table, where, like etc
  • Alter Tables, Columns
  • Update Table
  • Elements of Form Designers, Menus and Libraries

  • PL/SQL programming
  • Developing well-structured code
  • Using local, global and system variables
  • PL/SQL Character set
  • Variables
  • IF clause, LOOPS, Null Clause, Exception handlers
  • Error handling, cursor
  • PL/SQL tables
  • Procedures, Functions and Triggers
  • Using Oracle-supplied routines
  • Creating user-named routines
  • Using a library to store reusable code
  • Stored Procedures
  • Creating Triggers
  • Coding and Compilation
  • Debugging techniques in Form Builder
  • Tracing Trigger Operation
  • Using the debugger facility
  • Break points and stack variables
  • Defining block and relation properties
  • Block navigation
  • WHERE and ORDER BY clauses
  • Implementing master-detail relationships
  • Creating a list of values and record group objects
  • setting record group properties
  • Designing queries to populate a list of values (LOV)
  • Designing windows and canvases
  • setting properties of content, stacked, toolbar and tab canvases
  • using the Layout Wizard

  • The basic techniques
  • Setting default options
  • Using the Report Wizard
  • Creating the report data model
  • Designing report layouts
  • Specifying and developing layout objects
  • Editing and manipulating layout objects
  • Creating master-detail and tabular reports
  • Applying advanced techniques
  • Using triggers for validating parameters
  • Manipulating report format dynamically using triggers

  • Examining Graphics Builder components
  • Chart items and their properties
  • Data queries
  • Categories and values
  • Building graphical displays
  • Editing the layout
  • Defining chart items and specifying queries used for populating the chart
  • Testing and executing displays
  • Creating drill-down charts
  • Passing parameters between master and detail charts
  • Using layers to navigate between drill-down chart levels
  • Integrating Forms and Reports modules
  • Creating integrated applications
  • Passing parameters between Form Builder modules

Work Placement

The candidates who perform well in the training will be offered work placement in live projects

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Duration 8 Classes
Price £990.00

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