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MCTS Web Applications 4.5

Course Overview

C# is an object oriented programming language developed by Microsoft. C# language has been simplified to eliminate language features that cause common programming errors and is good for enterprise and web applications development. C# is the main language we teach in our MCTS Web Applications course.

WCC has been offering MCTS Web Applications courses since evolution of the certification. The course content has been changed over the years and is very much in line with demands and expectations of software developers in the corporate marketplace.

Our MCTS Web Applications course will teach you the new MVC 4 framework, WCF, WPF and the relevant skills necessary for you to shine in the current job market.

What is included

  • You will get trained to create and control cost-effective, safe and agile server infrastructure.
  • The Desktop Infrastructure that is updated and included in this course educates you the ways to implement flexible, sustainable, reliable and free of friction access to any type of company and corporate resources and services among different platforms and devices.
  • Licensed software for practice at home
  • VAT


Start DateTimeDaysDurationLocation
27/04/202010.00-17.00Mon to Fri5 DaysBrentford
08/06/202010.00-17.00Mon to Fri5 DaysBrentford
13/07/202010.00-17.00Mon to Fri5 DaysBrentford
17/08/202010.00-17.00Mon to Fri5 DaysBrentford
21/09/202010.00-17.00Mon to Fri5 DaysBrentford
26/10/202010.00-17.00Mon to Fri5 DaysBrentford
23/11/202010.00-17.00Mon to Fri5 DaysBrentford


  • Basic Programming
  • Programming Principle
  • Understanding OO Concept

Target Audience

  • Programmers
  • Apps Developer
  • Internet Developers
  • Portal Developer
  • Technical Consultant
  • e-Commerce Developer
  • Application Developers

Course Content

.Net Framework 4.5 and C# Language Fundamentals

  • Framework Architecture
  • Common Language Runtime
  • Garbage Collection
  • MSIL

  • Managing Types and Members
  • New Types in .Net 4.5
  • Parallel Loops
  • Partial Classes and Partial Methods
  • Dynamic Types and Anonymous Types
  • Implicitly Typed Local Variables
  • Methods and Parameters
  • Named Parameters and Optional Parameters
  • Dynamic Objects and Expando Objects
  • Dynamic IL and Dynamic Language Runtime
  • String Handling
  • Structures and their Enhancements
  • Namespaces
  • Conventional Exception Handling
  • The new Exception Handling in .Net 4.5
  • Abstract Classes and Interfaces
  • Properties and Indexers

  • Delegates and Events
  • Attributes
  • Managing Unsafe Code
  • Anonymous Methods
  • Familiarizing Collections and Generics
  • Variance
  • Extension Methods
  • Lambda Expressions
  • Language Integrated Query (LINQ)
  • Object and Collection Initializes
  • Query Expressions
  • Navigating the File System
  • Memory Mapping Files
  • Reading and writing files
  • Compressing Streams
  • Forming regular expressions
  • Encoding
  • Serializing Objects
  • Network Class Libraries
  • IPV6 Support

  • Creating Threads
  • Sharing Data
  • The Asynchronous Programming Model
  • Parallelization and Threading Enhancements
  • Task Parallel Library
  • Concurrency and Coordination Runtime
  • Task and Task Scheduler

  • Classification of Assembly
  • Creating and using Managed DLLs
  • Private Assembly and Shared Assembly
  • The Global Assembly Cache
  • Single File Assembly and Multiple File Assembly
  • Understanding Reflection
  • Using Unmanaged Code
  • Creating and Managing Application Domains

  • Namespaces and Classes for Managing Windows Services
  • Creating Service Control Manager
  • Creating Windows Services
  • Interacting with Windows Services

.Net Framework 4.0 Web application Development

  • Introduction to Server Side and Client Side Scripting
  • Web Page Designing using HTML and JavaScript
  • Overview of IIS 7.0
  • Overview of Asp.Net 4.5
  • Introduction to MVC Framework
  • Overview of Request Life Cycle

  • Creating Web Forms Application
  • Handling Images
  • Navigating between Pages
  • Managing Server Controls
  • Server Control Events
  • Using HTML Controls

  • Managing Session and Application
  • View State
  • Query Strings
  • Managing Cookies

  • Consume Standard Controls.
  • Implement Client-Side Validation and Server-Side Validation.
  • Create and Consume Custom Controls.
  • Create and Consume Web User Controls.

  • Introduction to RDBMS and Database Normalization
  • Creating Tables and Relationships
  • SQL Fundamentals
  • Stored Procedures, Functions and Triggers

  • Introduction to Connected and Disconnected Data Access Models
  • ADO.Net Architecture
  • ADO.Net Objects
  • Managing Databases with Connection, Command and DataReader Objects
  • Managing Databases with Connection, DataSet and DataAdapter Objects
  • Using SQLDataSource
  • Using Databound Controls
  • Introduction to Login Controls
  • Managing XML Data
  • Using Crystal Reports

  • Exploring ways to create MVC Models
  • Creating a Data Repository
  • Implementing MVC Controllers
  • Creating Action Methods

  • Implementing MVC Views
  • Implementing Strongly Typed MVC Views
  • Implementing Partial MVC Views

  • Overview of Search Engine Optimization
  • Creating Robots and Sitemap Files
  • Using ASP.Net Routing

  • Building WCF Service.
  • Building WCF Client Application.

  • Themes and Skins
  • Web User Control
  • Master Pages and Content Pages
  • Web Parts
  • Using Style Sheets
  • Using Site Map Control

  • Protocols for Email
  • Managing Outlook
  • Sending Mails
  • Managing Attachments

  • Configuring ASP.Net Membership and Roles
  • Anonymous Authentication and Impersonation
  • Windows Authentication
  • Forms Authentication
  • Introduction to Passport Authentication
  • Secure Socket Layer

  • LINQ to DataSet.
  • LINQ to SQL.
  • LINQ to XML.

  • Introduction to AJAX
  • Basic Asp.Net Ajax Controls
  • Implement Webforms by using Asp.Net Ajax
  • Advanced JQuery
  • Handling JQuery Ajax Events
  • Creating Services
  • Implementing AJAX in ASP.Net MVC Pages using Microsoft AJAX
  • Implementing AJAX in ASP.Net MVC Pages using JQuery

  • Introduction to Silverlight
  • Using Silverlight Controls
  • Programming Silverlight applications
  • Creating Silverlight WCF Services

  • Creating Mobile Web Forms
  • Viewing and Testing Mobile Web Applications
  • Using Mobile Controls

  • Publishing Web Applications.
  • Create Web Setup Project.
  • Using Copy Web Tool.
  • Web Hosting Live

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Duration 5 Days
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