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Online Kotlin App Development


Course Overview

Kotlin is a new programming language that compiles to Java bytecode and runs on the JVM; it has been designed to address many shortcomings of Java. This course teaches you an introduction to Kotlin to get you developing applications rapidly. Kotlin can be used in Android Studio, so it’s easy to create new projects with Kotlin files, add Kotlin files to your existing project, and convert Java language code to Kotlin. All Android Studio’s existing tools can be used with your Kotlin code, such as autocomplete, lint checker, refactoring, debugging, and more.

Course Objective

At the end of the course the candidate will be able to

  • Create a Kotlin projects in Eclipse,
  • To run Kotlin projects in Command Line,
  • Work with built tools,
  • To develop android applications using Kotlin,
  • Create web applications,


Start Date TimeDaysDurationLocation
07/12/202010.00 - 17.00Mon to Thu4 daysBrentford,UK
04/01/202110.00 - 17.00Mon to Thu4 daysBrentford,UK
08/02/202110.00 - 17.00Mon to Thu4 daysBrentford,UK
08/03/202110.00 - 17.00Mon to Thu4 daysBrentford,UK
05/04/202110.00 - 17.00Mon to Thu4 daysBrentford,UK
10/05/202110.00 - 17.00Mon to Thu4 daysBrentford,UK
07/06/202110.00 - 17.00Mon to Thu4 daysBrentford,UK
05/07/202110.00 - 17.00Mon to Thu4 daysBrentford,UK
09/08/202110.00 - 17.00Mon to Thu4 daysBrentford,UK
06/09/202110.00 - 17.00Mon to Thu4 daysBrentford,UK
11/10/202110.00 - 17.00Mon to Thu4 daysBrentford,UK
08/11/202110.00 - 17.00Mon to Thu4 daysBrentford,UK

Course Content

Getting Started

  • Getting Started with Eclipse
  • Working with the Command Line Compiler
  • Working with Build Tools
  • Koans

Object Oriented Programming in Kotlin

  • Interfaces
  • Demonstration of Interfaces
  • Classes
  • Companion Objects
  • Properties
  • Data Classes

Android Development

  • Getting Started With Android Development
  • Kotlin Android Extensions
  • Android Frameworks

Java Interop

  • Mixing Java and Kotlin in one project


  • Kotlin to JavaScript
  • Getting Started with Gradle
  • Getting Started with IntelliJ IDEA
  • Getting Started with Maven
  • Creating a Kotlin JavaScript library with the Command Line Compiler
  • Working with Kotlin and JavaScript Modules
  • Working with JavaScript
  • Debugging Kotlin in browser


  • Introduction to Kotlin Coroutines on the JVM

Web Development

  • Creating Web Applications with Http Servlets
  • Creating a RESTful Web Service with Spring Boot


  • Setting up Kotlin on TeamCity

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Duration 4 Days
Price £1,790.00 £990.00

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