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Spoken English for Business and Professional Conversation

2 Months (twice a week)

Starting dates:
29 june 2020 and Monday every two months

Course Overview

From the first class, the programme engages students in unscripted, multi-turn business conversations, and gives rewards them with individual feedback from our experienced, Cambridge-certified, native-speaking teachers.

The course is specifically designed to be delivered online, focussing on telephone meetings and teleconferencing as the main medium of communication – just as it is in the real world. Upon graduating from the programme, students will have the skills to plan and prepare various types of online meetings and calls, and participate in them, with confidence and efficiency. They will also know how to give a strong impression of competence and professionalism in all their spoken business interactions.

Entry Requirement

  • English speaking proficiency at B1 level or higher on the CEFR (you can find a self-assessment description tool here)
  • A computer or phone with a fast, reliable internet connection (wired is ideal, as it has less delay, but wireless internet or 4G with a strong signal is acceptable)
  • A quiet place in which you can take the classes
  • A microphone-and-earphone headset. Please note that this is essential, taking the course is not possible using a computer or phone’s built-in speakers or microphone

Course Structure

  • Social
  • Telephoning
  • Job Interviews
  • Discussions and Meetings
  • Business Correspondece
  • Business Reports
  • Group Discussions
  • Dealing with People
  • Travel
  • Emailing
  • Working Internationally
  • Common Speaking Problem


  • Our teachers are UK natives from London with extensive online teaching  experience and expertise
  • There is a maximum of 8 students per class, which means ample speaking opportunity and individual teacher attention for each student
  • Students can order additional one-to-one  tutoring sessions with their teacher at any time, to focus on their individual difficulties and ensure smooth progress through the programme
  • The course specifically trains students in the often-neglected skills of speaking and listening, with less attention on reading and writing
  • The sessions are conducted using cutting-edge, student-centred teaching methods. This means no long lectures, no extensive lists of vocabulary to memorise, and no quiet students being left out! Students are active from start to finish, every class
  • There are regular homework assignments and assessments to help us monitor your progress, and identify any problems you might be having
  • Flexible timetabling – you can take the course on weekday evenings, or at weekends
  • Upon graduation, students are awarded a certificate to demonstrate their abilities to employers


Course Content

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Start On 29th June 2020
Duration 2 Months
Price £245.00

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